{ Incube 8 }

LOCATION : Singapore
DISCIPLINE : Commercial

YEAR : 2022
CLIENT : Incube 8

Write Up

Incube 8, a leading technology company based in Singapore, approached us with a vision for a complete office makeover. Their goal was to personalize and maximize the space to foster a more collaborative environment, aligning with their forward-thinking ethos.

The client sought to integrate flexible working methods and modern office solutions to create a collaborative environment that supports varied work arrangements. By incorporating unique hot desking spots and project rooms, they aimed to fully utilize the space for different project types. In addition to maximizing efficiency and flexibility, Incube 8 wanted to blend "Work and Leisure" within the office design to enhance staff wellbeing, ensuring spaces for relaxation and internal gatherings.

Our initial planning phase involved in-depth research into Incube 8's organizational processes and business nature. We believe that a successful office design is grounded in a strong contextual basis. Through comprehensive research and client discussions, we gained insights into the innovative nature of the tech industry. This understanding informed our space planning, room types, and seating/desk configurations to optimize the workspace and facilitate better workflow and efficiency.


The Entrance

A modern and exquisite front desk that conveys the innovative nature of a tech company - clean yet sophisticated, the first look for guests and clients to emphasize the company's quality and positioning in the tech market in Singapore 


Hot Desking

The emphasis of an open-space hot desking layout was intentionally designed to promote a collaborative environment. The layout aimed to provide Incube 8's staffs with flexibility for their working arrangements to enable them with the ability to adapt to different work structures.

The look and feel of the office co-working layout has a noticeable contrast from the Entrance of the office , with the clear purpose of showcasing the company' values - a reputable company that prioritises the staff's wellbeing through their working space.


Main Pantry Space

The main pantry space explored a series of curated elements to provide a more welcoming and open space for Incube 8 staffs.

The placement of this pantry overlooks the wide windows structures and allows for natural light to enter the space - allowing for a space in the office to feel more breathable. This space is placed near the meeting rooms to provide a pre/post for meetings where one is able to prepare, cool down or even digest informations from the meeting.

The open pantry concept allows for the staffs to have an open and collaborative discussion spot during their pre/post meetings - to further clarify any other information that needs to be or was not discussed in their meetings.



Project Rooms

An informal set up of meeting rooms that provides a space for Incube 8's staffs when they require a conducive environment for brainstorming, project implementation and etc. The space is specially curated to provide comfort and productivity for longer usage periods.

The walls around allows for temporary static paper pin-ups with its glass panel features as it is a commonly and widely used medium to facilitate discussions in technology companies. 



High Table Seatings

These spaces were introduced to boost and encourage discussions in the office through its unique eye-level interactions. By easing the processes of approaching someone, these spaces were made to intentionally bring two people to eye levels, allowing for a more approachable user interface for quick discussions.

Informal Areas
Incube 8 was intricately designed to fuse the office space for leisure and internal gatherings while maximising productivity and the ability to adapt to different projects structures.

Leisure or informal areas were intentionally designed with rounded edges to provided a softer look and feel - to further elevate and compliment the ideology of work and play in an office space.


Color Palette and Other Detailings

Feature Wall - The purpose of a warm-toned feature wall with 3 large posters serves as a strong contrast for the co-working space.The intention of doing so would convey the purpose and idea of the interior design - a tech office with a comfortable homelike atmosphere.

This contrast further adds a touch of 'play' to lighten the possible stress that one would have while being in a working space.


Color tones & detailings - A mixture of organic surfaces and textures were also introduced to the office to further implement the intention of providing a co-working space that feels homely for the staffs. The color scheme of creating a contrast by having a warm neutral base while injecting the corporate orange to subtle details like wood-like textures served its intention to juxtapose a technological office with a comfortable homelike atmosphere for the staffs.


Our redesign of Incube 8's office space not only meets the client’s needs for flexibility and efficiency but also fosters a collaborative and supportive environment. By seamlessly blending work and leisure, we have created a modern, dynamic workspace that promotes staff wellbeing and accommodates the innovative nature of a tech company.