{ Springdale Condominium }

LOCATION : Singapore
DISCIPLINE : Residential
SCOPE OF WORKS : Residential Works

YEAR : 2023

Write Up

A resale home project located along Upper Bukit Timah Road - a 4-room condominium with a balcony. The client, a family of 5 with 1 helper, wishes to transform the place so that the house could be a personalised space used for Social Gathering with mutual friends, while utilising the space to suit the needs of everyone's flexible work from home arrangements. 

With residential projects, aesthetics is not only our main priority, but we believe in creative designs that elevates our client's residential experience through innovative and experimental elements. We believe in creating a unique space that is fully personalised for our client's to truly call it THEIR space.

This luxury residential development that focuses on functional and inspiring interiors, reflects on the fusion of contemporary and classic design. Each design detail was meticulously conceptualized to complement the over-all configuration of the premises while maximising functionality and spatial relationships.

The intention and agenda of our interior designs was strongly conveyed through our 3D Mock Ups - where we showcased the fusion of aesthetics and cutting-edge innovation. 


Issues Identified

Revamping an old condo with a utilitarian design poses unique challenges. The existing layout and disproportionate hierarchy between private and social spaces make it difficult to enhance both the space and the overall ambiance.

To address these challenges, we needed to rethink the entire structure. Our first step was a thorough study of the technical aspects in the early design phase to ensure our ideas were both feasible and practical. By doing this, we could explore various possibilities and develop a design that transformed the space into a more harmonious and functional environment.

Living Room - Before


Living Room/Common Living Area.

One of the main issues was the lack of separation between the dining and living spaces, which were adjacent to each other without any distinct physical or visual boundaries. To address this, we implemented a common design element that not only connected these spaces but also catered to the client's functional requirements for storage and display.

The first step was reorienting the living space to create a mirrored layout. This strategic change allowed for a more harmonious connection with the dining area, fostering a sense of unity and flow between the two spaces. Additionally, we embraced an open-concept design for the study area, integrating it with the living space. This approach significantly expanded the communal area, creating a larger, more open environment that encourages interaction and togetherness.


Living Room - 3D Render


Living Room - Now


A key focus of our design was the cabinetry, particularly around an existing window that had previously been concealed by a curtain blind due to aesthetic concerns. We saw an opportunity to transform this overlooked feature into a highlight of the room. By introducing a plinth for display elements, we took advantage of the natural light streaming through the window, framing these elements beautifully and adding a touch of elegance to the space. This thoughtful design not only provided functional storage but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the living area.

The ceiling design played a crucial role in unifying the entire condo. We extended the ceiling design from the living spaces into the corridor, creating a seamless transition between different areas. This element was essential in weaving all the spaces together while aiding in the visual transition from one area to another. The continuous ceiling design guided the eye through the condo, making the entire space feel more cohesive and interconnected.


Common Area features with unique textures and curves.


Throughout the project, our goal was to address the technical challenges posed by the condo's original layout. We conducted a thorough study in the early stages of the design process to ensure our ideas were feasible and practical. By doing so, we could explore various possibilities and develop a design that not only enhanced the space but also met the client's functional and aesthetic needs.

In conclusion, our approach to this interior design project was to thoughtfully reconfigure and enhance the existing layout, creating a harmonious and functional living environment. By addressing both the technical and aesthetic aspects, we transformed a dated condo into a modern, cohesive, and inviting space that perfectly caters to the client's lifestyle and preferences.


The Bedrooms

Bedroom designed to suit each of the room owners' needs.


The Toilets

We discovered an opportunity to significantly enhance the common toilet by expanding it into the adjacent store room space. This decision was crucial because the common toilet is frequently used for showers, and increasing its size would greatly improve functionality and comfort.

The original toilets were small and cramped, which posed a challenge in creating a more spacious feel. To address this, we adopted a seamless tone-on-tone design approach, incorporating a variety of textures. This design choice was instrumental in altering the visual perception of the space, making it appear larger and more open.


Expanding the common toilet involved careful planning and precise execution. By repurposing the store room, we not only increased the floor area but also reimagined the layout to enhance both usability and aesthetic appeal. The new design allowed for the inclusion of additional storage solutions and more comfortable shower facilities, significantly elevating the overall experience of the space.

The tone-on-tone approach played a pivotal role in achieving the desired visual effect. We used a palette of similar hues to create a cohesive look, while varying the textures added depth and interest. This method effectively tricks the eye into perceiving a larger space, making the bathroom feel more expansive without altering its physical dimensions. 

Toilets - After


For instance, we integrated smooth, glossy tiles with matte finishes and subtle patterns, creating a harmonious blend that is both visually appealing and functional. The consistent color scheme ensures a sleek, modern look, while the textural variations prevent the space from feeling monotonous.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, this design strategy also enhanced the practicality of the bathroom. The choice of materials was carefully selected to ensure durability and ease of maintenance, crucial for a high-use area like the common toilet. The expanded space now accommodates a larger shower area, improved lighting, and additional storage options, all contributing to a more luxurious and user-friendly environment.

In conclusion, our innovative approach to expanding and redesigning the common toilet has transformed it from a cramped, utilitarian space into a stylish and functional area. By strategically utilizing the adjacent store room and employing a tone-on-tone design with varied textures, we created a bathroom that feels significantly larger and more inviting. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design can enhance both the form and function of a living space, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for the residents.