{ Yishun Mansionette }

LOCATION : Singapore
DISCIPLINE : Residential

YEAR : 2024

Write Up

Our clients, a married couple with two kids who previously lived in the US, presented a unique challenge. The husband once had a dedicated "man cave" to display his extensive comic book and figurine collection.

However, with their children growing up and the need for more space, they could no longer accommodate this cherished area.

Understanding the importance of these collections, we aimed to seamlessly incorporate them into the new design, reflecting the family's identity and history while utilising the space to emphasize innovative designs.


Living Room/Common Living Area.

We took a bold approach to integrating a balcony into the Living Room space, going beyond the typical guidelines.

By utilizing a more slender structure and installing roof panels with adequate runoff, we significantly increased the ceiling height for a maisonette extension. The project focuses on the innovative design choice that enhanced both the functionality and aesthetics of our Yishun Masionette project.


Living Room - 3D Render


Living Room - Now



Seating Window Area at the Common Living Room Area


The Dining Area

The Dining Area features a personalised space for the family of four to socialise over their meals, while including innovative elements to maximise the space for the evolving family's needs.

The staircase balustrade received a complete makeover, transforming into a minimalistic modern piece. To maximize functionality, we designed retractable storage underneath the stairs.

This innovative solution makes the wide corridor space flexible, catering to the home's guest-oriented nature. It allows for various setups, from large group dinners to social gatherings, without compromising on storage.

Dining Area - 3D Render



Dining Area & Pull-out Cabinetry


The Kitchen

The kitchen underwent a complete renovation, transforming it into a vibrant, multifunctional space. The centerpiece of this transformation is a stunning new island counter, thoughtfully equipped with beer taps, making it the perfect spot for social gatherings.

This addition not only enhances the kitchen's functionality but also infuses it with a lively, inviting atmosphere.The island counter serves as a versatile hub for both everyday family interactions and special occasions. Its spacious design accommodates meal preparation, casual dining, and entertaining.

The inclusion of beer taps adds a unique, convivial touch, ideal for hosting friends and family for drinks and casual get-togethers.

Kitchen - 3D Render


Beyond its social appeal, the island counter is designed with practicality in mind. Ample storage underneath ensures that all kitchen essentials are easily accessible, keeping the countertops clutter-free. The expansive surface provides plenty of room for cooking, baking, and other culinary activities, making it a true focal point of the kitchen.

The revamped kitchen seamlessly blends style and functionality, featuring modern appliances, sleek cabinetry, and elegant finishes. Thoughtful lighting enhances the ambiance, creating a warm and welcoming environment that invites people to gather, relax, and enjoy.

This comprehensive kitchen renovation has transformed the space into the heart of the home, fostering a sense of togetherness and making it the go-to spot for entertaining. Whether hosting a large party or enjoying a quiet family meal, the new kitchen perfectly complements the dynamic lifestyle of the homeowners.


Kitchen - Sitting Area and Exterior Views


The Bedrooms

To showcase creative solutions for display and light, we created an opening from the master bedroom towards the stairwell, installing shelves by the windows to showcase the comic book and figurine collection.

This not only provided a dedicated space for these items but also allowed natural light to flow through, brightening the interconnected spaces.


Bedroom - Stairway 


Bedroom - 3D Render 


Bedroom - Now