{ Mimosa Condominium }

LOCATION : Singapore
DISCIPLINE : Residential

YEAR : 2024

Write Up

A residential project located at Springdale Condominium that is specially curated to fuse contemporary designs and lifestyle with minimal maintenance.

The contemporary approach of our Mimosa Project includes designing the space with minimal maintenance in mind. Allowing for the space to suit the present owner's lifestyle and needs. A Neutral colour palette and tones are used throughout the house to provide a lighter and airier feel, whilst having darker display shelves and artworks for emphasis.


Living Room/Common Living Area.

The living room area was designed with a conscious approach for furniture & lighting selection so that the whole design could cohesively come together.

The use of laminated wall panels and flushed doors are also used constantly throughout the project to keep a clean and minimalistic look for the space. The use of indirect lighting at the ceiling or wall areas are intentional to provide better mood and ambience control throughout the home.


Living Room - 3D Render


Living Room - Now


The Dining Area.

The dining area was designed to fully optimise the space of the Dining Area, allowing our client to have guests over for gatherings. The space is designed with the project's chosen color palette - neutral tones with dark toned furniture to give a warm and homely atmosphere to the area.

Darker furnitures are used to create a contrast for the neutral palettes for the client's home. Creating more depth by providing an illusion of a bigger space for the dining area.

Dining Area - 3D Render


Dining Area - Now


The Small Yard

A small yard was introduced to the household with the purpose of creating a unique and flexible space for the family's helper. The room feautres an open concept design, allowing for better air ventilation whilst creating an illusion for the dining area that is located outside the yard to feel more spacious. 

The yard was cohesively designed to provide flexibility for the space, by keeping the room as minimalistic as possible. The usage of a fold-down bed and built in wardrobe also allows for the furnitures to be moved around when necessary. 

Small Yard - 3D Render


The Master Bedroom 

The Master Bedroom was designed to express the contemporary urbanised design with maximum functionality for the owner throughout the room. It's intentionally designed with built-in wardrobes within the walls instead of a storage room with the intention of maximising the space while keeping the overall design concept for this project.

Master Bedroom - 3D Render


The Rest Area